8 months: 10 things I know now.

Dolly is 8 months and I am going back to work in two weeks and this is what I think I know now

1. Most of the clothes I bought in the 3 months after Dolly was born are hideous. What was I thinking?

2. It is not the end of the world to not breast feed. The guilt goes as the weeks progress.

3. My mum has been mostly right about everything.

4. Breakfast television is extremely repetitive. Over and over again, the same thing…

5.Bring your baby yoga is really not for me or Dolly. She lay there looking at me wondering why I wasn’t talking to her and I really didn’t focus on my postures.

6. I can go out in the evening and it doesn’t make a bad mum. In fact, it may even improve me.

7. There are a lot of competitions on twitter.

8. Introducing solids is great, but it was easier beforehand.

9. Lightweight strollers are amazing and I should have practised a lot more with the sling before and when Dolly was born.

10. When Dolly is 1, I will write another list like this and I can’t wait to realise what will be in it!