Natural childbirth- an expensive business

Did Kate have a doula? Did she do the hypno-birthing course? Yoga? Is her placenta being encapsulised as we speak? Did she reap the benefits of pregnancy and pereneal massages? Well, she could have afforded to which brings me to my point, isn’t the very natural end of childbirth expensive? My open minded approach led me to contemplate everything. My partner, sisters and budget provided a different voice which questioned price, evidence and efficacy. I am not judging these services and treatments as ineffective-I didn’t experience them all (only indulged in pregnancy yoga which was amazing), however as a first time mother, it was at times felt overwhelming. Shouldn’t the lead up to a natural birth be free or certainly not over a £1000 pounds? Can we safely say the marketisation of natural birth has arrived? I felt it had.


One thought on “Natural childbirth- an expensive business

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