Toothpaste, vinegar and baby oil

The Mr asked me yesterday why beneath my nose was blue. I didn’t tell him that it was toothpaste and that it was on a spot and that by being there, the spot’s life would be considerably shortened. He doesn’t need to know all that. 

Back in the day when I had time to think about shiney hair, I got the malt vinegar out and tipped some into a jug of water and used it during rinsing. Like the toothpaste, I got this from my mum who has no end of extra purposes for household products

Finally, baby oil. With the complete lifestyle change brought about by pregnancy (no pubs and hangovers), I dedicated a somewhat silly amount of time and money to my nails…oh, the sense that comes with statutory maternity pay hindsight. Anyway, as opposed to tiny, more expensive that gold, pens and little jars, use baby oil to massage cuticles!

Should mum reveal any more alternative uses, I will certainly share. In the meantime, I wish you shiny hair, spotless faces and lovely nails.


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